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About TraceyCarol

Photo Cred: Dabe Lynn

​A few of my favorite things -

My right hand man

Grins and giggles of my 3 kiddos

Polka dots

Puppy dogs


Old cars

Letters, words, phrases, sentences, books




My camera

My lenses

A great shot

Photography has always been a hobby of mine.  I have been photographing people, places, and events for over twenty years.

I take portrait photographs in natural light at various locations in Alamance County, North Carolina and surrounding areas.. Alamance County is convenient to Chapel Hill, Durham, Hillsborough, and the Greensboro/High Point areas.

I always travel with camera and lenses and often have those slam-on-brakes-find-a-place-to-pull-over moments to catch a great shot! I love that photos freeze time and capture memories for us.  Beautiful photos of the people, places, and events I love put a smile on my face.  After taking a look at my site, please let me know if I can help bring smiles your way.


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